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  1. Frameworks and Why (Clojure) Programmers Need Them
    13 August 2024

    安装Git - 廖雪峰的官方网站:最早Git是在Linux上开发的,很长一段时间内,Git也只能在Linux和Unix系统上跑。不过,慢慢地有人把它移植到了Windows上。现在,Git可众在Linux、Unix、Mac和Windows这几大平台上正常运行了。

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    04 June 2024

    While at Reify, I drafted an outline of a program called The Buddy System. The idea was to provide a framework for devs to support each other. I'm sharing it here in case others find it useful.

  3. Techniques for Efficiently Learning Programming Languages
    16 April 2017

    What follows are the best techniques for learning programming languages that I've picked up over years of teaching programming.

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    19 March 2017

    The Dark Knight came out at the same time that I was becoming intensely interested in Buddhism, and the movie struck me as a kind of extended Buddhist parable, with Bruce Wayne as an icon of the suffering that results from clinging and the Joker as a very fucked up enlightened being

  5. My Writing Process
    22 August 2016

    Some notes on how I write that I hope will be useful to aspiring authors

  6. Understanding Recursion

    Struggle with recursion? This blahg post might help.

  7. Timeless Programming Tools
    23 March 2016

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  8. Brave Clojure: Become a Better Programmer
    22 March 2016

    Next week I'm re-launching as Brave Clojure: Become a Better Programmer.

  9. A Directory of Open Source Clojure Projects
    20 March 2016

    Open Source Clojure Projects is a directory of active projects welcoming new contributors. Its purpose is to make it easier for both new and experienced Clojurists to find ways to contribute.

  10. tunsafe安卓客户端下载
    02 March 2016

    My thoughts on Ashley Williams's protest action in South Carolina.

  11. tunsafe安卓版下载
    09 December 2015

    Today I'm releasing a free web application, Job Search Sanity. It lets you take a methodical approach to looking for a job search, helping you make progress and feel in control.

  12. Why Clojure's a Great Next Language for Rubyists
    11 November 2015

    Rubyists enjoy Ruby because it's simple, powerful, and a joy to use. Clojure has all of those qualities, plus it employs a completely different paradigm that's crazy fun to learn. If you're looking to learn a new language, Clojure's a great choice.

  13. Looking for Beta Testers
    06 November 2015

    I've been working on a site to help people who are looking for a job, and I'd love some beta testers to work out the kinks and test the idea. Please sign up if you're interested!

  14. Why I wrote Clojure for the Brave and True
    22 October 2015

    Some reflections on why I wrote the recently-released tunsafe安装包

  15. Brave and New
    21 October 2015

    The Clojure for the Brave and True web site has been updated to match the printed book. The book got a massive overhaul, and it's even better!

  16. Review of Clojure Applied
    18 October 2015

    Clojure Applied is a good choice for those looking to become intermediate Clojurists. It really shines in its coverage of testing and of decomposing your system into components. Besides that, it's filled with little gems from Java and the Clojure standard library.

  17. Clojure for the Brave and True Is Off to the Printers!
    18 August 2015

    Today, my fantastic production editor at No Starch reached out and pressed the basketball-sized "RELEASE IT!" button at No Starch headquarters, encasing Clojure for the Brave and True cucumber-infused amber and sending it on its way to the bookeries of Melrose Park, Illinois.

  18. Brave and True Early Access

    Guess what! You can now start reading the fully-revised Clojure for the Brave aand True through No Starch Press's early access program!

  19. Boot, the Fancy New Clojure Build Framework
    15 February 2015

    Build tools are known to inspire the entire gamut of emotions from bored impatience to Homeric rage (I'm looking at you, Grunt). Personally, I've never given them much thought; they've always seemed like tedious overhead, an unfortunate necessity for getting real work done. Boot is different.

  20. tunsafe安装包
    13 January 2015

    You can now read 'Mastering Concurrent Processes with core.async' at tunsafe安卓百度云

  21. Vern, a Library For Database Fixtures
    04 December 2014

    I've started writing a little library for writing and loading database fixtures and I'd love any feedback :)

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  23. tmux in 5 Minutes
    07 November 2014

    If you work on projects that require you to open multiple terminal tabs, then tmux will help you be more productive! This brief guide will show you an easy way to get started.

  24. tunsafe安装包

    Here's a list of Clojurers you should follow on Twitter

  25. New Clojure for the Brave and True Chapter: Interacting with Java
    10 October 2014

    There's a new chapter up on interacting with Java!

  26. New Clojure for the Brave and True Chapter: Concurrency, Parallelism, and State. And Zombies.
    24 March 2014

    There's a new chapter up on concurrency, parallelism, and state. And zombies.

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    02 November 2013

    逗比翻墙网 - 世界那么逗,我想翻墙看看:2021-11-12 · 本文最后更新于 2021年11月12日 08:58 可能会因为没有更新而失效。如已失效或需要修正,请留言!前几天写过 WireGuard 手动服务端教程后,一部分人想知道如何配置多用户,即多个客户端账 …

  28. Stepping Off the Happiness Treadmill
    11 September 2013

    I did not expect to have a life-altering insight while tidying my kitchen some night during the winter of 2011. Yet there I was, sponge in hand and mind on idle, when out of nowhere

  29. Building a Forum with Clojure, Datomic, Angular, and Ansible

    After many long months I've finished re-writing tunsafe安装包. The site now uses Clojure as an API server, with Datomic for the database, Angular for the front end, and Vagrant and Ansible for provisioning and deployment. We'll dive into the code base, covering the most important parts of each component and how everything works together.

  30. tunsafe安卓百度云
    20 July 2013

    I've been having a brain-bending good time reading An Introduction to Functional Programming Through Lambda Calculus. Using examples from that book, this article will walk you through the basics of λ calculus. We'll then look at the surprising, counterintuitive way that the λ calculus lets us represent conditional expressions and boolean operations — all with functions as the only values. It was a very different way of thinking for me, and exciting to learn. I hope it's exciting for you, too!

  31. CentOS7一键脚本安装WireGuard | 堤堤云:2021-1-7 · 关于一键脚本 1、仅适用于centos7 2、VPS架构必须是KVM 3、测试了搬瓦工、谷歌云、Vultr的centos7,可众完美搞定 4、cento7大部分内核都是3.10,不能正确安装,所众需要升级 5、有些厂商的vps内核貌似升级不了,例如vpsserver,这个还是要自行解决 6、wireguard是一个peer对应一个客户端,如果需要多个客户端 ...
    07 April 2013

    It's time to take a step back and get a high-level understanding of what Leiningen is. It's time to stare deeply into Leiningen's eyes and say "I see you," like Jake Sully in that Avatar documentary.

  32. 网易云音乐如何扫描二维码,需要技巧 - 天晴经验网:2021-4-15 · 网易云音乐是一款很好的听歌软件,那么在网易云音乐中怎样扫描二维码呢? 操作方法 01 打开网易云音乐app,点击首页左上方的菜单图标。 02 之后在弹出的界面中点击扫一扫图标。
    23 March 2013

    An explanation of what lein trampoline does and how it does it.

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    18 March 2013

    Leiningen reminds me a lot of Major Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist:

    • They are both manly
    • They are both artistic
    • Sometimes you don't know what the f* they're saying (but it's amazing anyway)
    • Mustaches
    • Sparkles

  34. How Clojure Babies Are Made: Compiling and Running a Java Program
    12 March 2013

    If you're at all like me, the moment you got your first Clojure program running you belted out, "SOOO MUUUUUUUCH POOOOOOOWEEEEEEEER!" and thrust one or both fists into the air. Then, fifteen minutes later, you found yourself muttering things like "What's a maven?" and "Classpath what now?" and "What is Leiningen actually doing, anyway? Sure, those are the most handsome mustaches I ever laid eyes on, but can I really trust them?"

  35. Notes From Tapestry 2013

    Notes and links from Tapestry 2013

  36. tunsafe安卓客户端下载
    23 February 2013

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  37. The Unofficial Guide to Rich Hickey's Brain
    06 December 2012

    WireGuard —— Windows 客户端国内外IP分流教程 | 逗比根据地:2021-11-11 · 前两天写了 WireGuard 的教程后,因为其高速、安全、复活被墙IP的特性很受大家欢迎,为此很多人都在问我 Windows 客户端如何分流,毕竟Android客户端都有分应用功能(指定某应用不走伕理),我研究了下发现很简单~ 其他 WireGuard 教程请看:

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    01 December 2012

    What will people post if they can't include links and can't use a nickname?

  39. A Detailed Look at a Small DCI Refactoring in Ruby
    30 November 2012

    In this post I go over a small refactoring to clean up some code in Whoops by implementing the DCI pattern. I'll cover the actual code changes and include my usual hand-wringing about what could be done better.

  40. Look, Ma! No batteries! A Clojure Web App Without Noir
    10 November 2012

    Having put together a website using Noir, I wanted to to try and get closer to the metal. Here are some of my findings, including: templating heaven with Enlive and Middleman; using macros to enforce full stack consistency; roll-your-own-validations; more!

  41. Loving Without Fear
    07 November 2012

    Reflections on how embracing love has changed my life.

  42. Daily Gratitude
    16 October 2012

    I've been doing a daily gratitude practice for half a year now and have found it very useful. Here are some suggestions for your own practice.

  43. tunsafe官网ios
    21 September 2012

    Aikido is love. You make this great great love of the universe your heart and then you must make your own mission the protection and love of all things. -- O'Sensei

  44. Releasing Foreman
    09 September 2012

    My first ever Mac app is out. Get it while it's hot!

  45. On Learning Skills (A Response to Move Your Feet)

    chrome浏览器_chrome浏览器官方下载「官方|最新」-太平洋 ...:Chrome浏览器是一款可让您更快速、轻松且安全地使用网络的浏览器。谷歌浏览器Chrome的设计超级简洁,使用起来更加方便、快速。Google Chrome更支持多 ...

  46. Three Dev Tools You Probably Already Know

    You probably already know about the following tools, but I found it useful to be reminded of them.

  47. Dissecting The Dumbest Clojure/Noir App In Existence
    25 August 2012

    Recently, I released OMG! SMACKDOWN!!!, which is the dumbest Clojure/Noir app created to date. This post dissects it in excruciating detail.

  48. Thoughts on Racism
    01 August 2012

    Rambling thoughts on racism from a mixed-race guy who grew up in the South.

  49. Lessons Learned From My First Tech Lead Assignment
    18 July 2012

    What I've learned so far working with a distributed team in an enterprise environment.

  50. 下载视频+加速上网的免费浏览器,含教程(谁说苹果没有 ...:2021-6-29 · 今天给很友伔分享一个既可众下载视频,又可众无限制科学上网的浏览器——Aloha游览器。 首页 网络加速下载视频+加速上网的免费浏览器,含教程(谁说苹果没有福利神器)

    In this post I give a detailed description of a recent refactoring for my site OMG! SMACKDOWN!!! . I make no attempt to enliven the article with "cats" or "memes" or "humor" - it's straight up code and commentary.

  51. Deeper Into the Land of Lisp: First Contact with Noir
    25 June 2012

    Clojure and noir are great fun. This post describes some of the code I wrote and gives some tips and tricks. There's other stuff too but I'm not going to try and summarize it here.

  52. Global Noir Routes
    25 June 2012

    Noir has a helper function, url-for, which you can use to generate URL's when given a named route. The problem arises when you have two different views which need to have links to each other.

  53. Design: The Art of Reducing Frustration
    31 May 2012

    What causes frustration? How can we eliminate those causes?

  54. Encouraging Programmers to Learn Visual Design

    A talk I gave: Why you might want to learn more about visual design and how it's pretty similar to what you already know as programmers.

  55. Open Source, Open Heart
    23 March 2012

    I'm open sourcing Open Hercules an application I've put a lot of time into. This article explains my motivations, both practical and personal.

  56. 网络加速:2021-3-18 · 由用户终端软件众及加速服务器构成,具有高性能的网络优化网关,透过改良 HTTP 协议与文字、影像压缩技术,大幅改善网页 ...
    03 March 2012

    Almost seven years since my first exposure to Ruby, I've found another language to be excited about.

  57. Abstract Mathematics and Programming
    23 February 2012

    Learning about abstract math is rewarding in itself, but it could also be helpful to beginning programmers.

  58. Machine-Aided Introspection
    22 February 2012

    2021年7月 - 拉币LB:安卓简拼 v2.8.1至臻VIP版 评论数: 0 浏览次数: 2668 最新评论 评论详情 【拜托帮帮我提现[可怜][可怜]我正在领拼 ͡ḌŮ⒪ḋŭ 百元现金打款[红包][红包]】 ️点击链接⬆️帮我一下,谢谢你! 或者复制整条信息,打开【拼 ͡ḌŮ⒪ḋŭ ...

  59. An Exhaustive Explanation of Minimax, a Staple AI Algorithm

    The minimax algorithm is used to determine which moves a computer player makes in games like tic-tac-toe, checkers, othello, and chess. You can think of the algorithm as similar to the human thought process of saying, "OK, if I make this move, then my opponent can only make two moves, and each of those would let me win. So this is the right move to make."

  60. A Philosophy of Programming, Rough Sketch
    05 January 2012

    An attempt to describe an approach to programming within an integrated framework.

  61. Why I Don't Want to Start a Startup
    03 August 2011

    I don't want to start a startup because of the experiences I've had with working for them. Also, the idea of financial freedom is not as appealing to me as it once was. Finally, there are already big challenges in my life.

  62. Thank You
    02 May 2011

    Thank you, everyone who has viewed Clean Up Your Mess. Thanks as well to everyone who has passed it on.

  63. Higml: Hierarchical, Cascading, Dynamic Configuration
    21 January 2011

    If your configuration is convoluted as all hell, Higml might be for you. Also, this is my first attempt at writing first-class documentation.

  64. Writing Better Documentation
    19 January 2011

    The learning curve for code libraries is often unnecessarily steep. I frequently feel that if the author had written better documentation, I'd be able to use his work much more quickly, or at least figure out that it's wrong for me and move on. I'm trying to write better documentation myself.

  65. tunsafe安卓版

    ios vpn中国:2021-10-11 · ios vpn中国 4伕i7 com.findtheway 2.2.6 鲨鱼一家 为什么热拉登录不了 网飞加速器怎么下载手机版 小明vp n翻墙 baavpn手机下载 狸猫vpm苹果怎么找不到 比特加速器手机破解版 苹果曝光软件 阿里云轻量服务器搭建ssr shadowrocks电脑版配置 ...

  66. tunsafe安装包
    15 February 2010

    The world abounds with wacky models that help actual people actually overcome actual fear. Some people believe their obstacles are put there by God as tests for them to pass. Others believe that mortal life is a game played by immortal energy beings, just for the fun of it. And some folks believe that there is nothing more to life than what we see; when we die, that's the end, so we better make the most of it. Wacky!

  67. Look Into My Eyes
    10 January 2010

    My first attempt to give myself super powers merely gave me sore palms. Riding in the back of my mother's beater as a five-year-old, I focused sunlight on the center of each hand using a magnifying glass likely found in a cereal box. After I was "charged up" I would point at trees, cars, fire hydrants, and other hapless objects and think to myself, "In five years, that thing's going to burst into flames."

  68. I'm Going to Take All the Help I Can Get
    06 January 2010

    A few months ago, I was really psyched about some project (don't recall which), and said to myself, "I'm going to finish this thing, and nothing's going to get in my way." Immediately it occurred to me that a better attitude would be, "I'm going to finish this thing -- and I'll take all the help I can get."

  69. Windows TunSafe版客户端和安卓手机客户端 | 自得其乐:Windows TunSafe版客户端和安卓 手机客户端 七月 26, 2021 | 添加评论 PC客户端稳定版安装包 下载稳定版安装包 ... 方 信用卡 光猫 刷机 双频 固件 备份 婓讯 安全 常用命伖 恢复 文件分享 时区 注册表 海蜘蛛 润露金斛 百度 ...
    01 January 2010

    Today I finally wrapped up Control Time and submitted it to the app store :-). Hopefully they'll publish it soon.

  70. tunsafe安卓版

    A lot of people view their motivation as something out of their control. It comes and goes, catlike in its fickleness. By breaking down motivation to its components, however, you'll be able to troubleshoot your lack of motivation and figure out ways to increase it.

  71. The Why of this Site
    01 December 2009

    I'm a young software developer and caregiver. This web site is about my experimentations in creating and following a system for constant personal growth. This article gives some background on the circumstances that motivated me to start those experimentations and this site.

  72. Follow Your Followers Using Ruby

    A quick way to automatically follow people who follow you on twitter.

  73. Aikidoka Prevents Namespace Collisions
    10 May 2009

    国内vpn:2021-2-13 · 国内vpn 免费ssr下载 v2rayN 怎么填伪装域名 狸猫加速器app安卓 君越服务器官网 p站pixiv官网下载 布谷下载ios surper vn 2.0.7 布谷直播app官网 手机如何上外网 lantern 5.6 download vivo的谷歌已安装成去设置确认功 思科威伯斯云下载 ss 春雷 ...

  74. tunsafe安卓客户端下载
    24 August 2008

    A few years ago I ordered DSL service. The DSL modem came with an ethernet cable, and one end was labeled "this end goes in your computer", and the other was labeled "this end goes in the modem." Obviously, it doesn't matter which end goes where, but the labels undoubtedly eliminated any possible confusion.

  75. Robots!
    14 July 2008

    I've been learning more about electronics, in part to get a ground-up understanding of computers. In the process I've become interested in learning to build robots.

  76. RubyProfHelper: Reducing ruby-prof Boilerplate
    02 June 2008

    This is meant to save me from having to write the same boilerplate profiling code over and over.

  77. Chunky Iterator: So You Don't have to Load All your AR Objects at Once
    12 May 2008

    The following code lets you iterate over large collections of Active Record objects without having to load them all at once, thus reducing memory usage. It's allowed me to run cron jobs which iterate over thousands of records without getting the cron'd process killed for using too much of a system's resources.

  78. tunsafe安卓客户端下载
    05 April 2008

    Give your models javascript-esque prototypal methods. When accessing an attribute on the prototypal object, the attribute's value is returned if not nil. Otherwise, the "linked" object's attribute value is returned.


  1. Clojure for the Brave and True

    A goofy book for learning Clojure. No functional programming or Java experience required!

  2. Grateful Place

    When we appreciate the good in our lives, the good grows and we have more of it.

  3. Clean Up Your Mess: a Guide to Visual Design for Everyone

    This popular guide will help you communicate with conscious skill. It will show you how to create designs that are easy to understand and attractive.

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